Peru is history, tradition, creativity, a perpetual source of inspiration which gives it enormous advantages and privileges. 
That is where the greater value of Peruvian fashion lays it has everything and of the bes quality. 
We have people with a lot of talent, the finest raw Peruvian materials and sources of inspiration at every place.

MANTARI involved to the development of women with few resources and without studies

Approximately 100 women who knit and felt Mantari’s production. Some women knit from their homes while they care for their families, and others prefer to work together in knitting circles. They follow fair trade regulations and are paid a living wage. It is the perfect combination of helping a developing country and offering a gorgeous product.

Counting with these women allows us to continue implicated in our mission to contribute to the improvement of our society, with the decrease of existing levels of machism and to provide greater opportunities to these women of few resources, for their continuous personal development, skills, leadership and in search of your independence and finally contribute to the equality of gender in our country.

Our skilled women and artisan mothers are paid fairly and treated like family. A fair wage and supportive work environment provide the means to a healthy and happy life, being the only way to build a truly sustainable business. 

As the business continues to grow Mantari uphold’s their mission to create elegant clothes that emphasize quality, design, and social responsibility.